Angil dal Dom, o nos bell'Angil dr
c'at s i nostar sspir quand sm part
e che magon! quand s' eram in vapr
e in dla nebbia a t'hm vist a scompar:

Angil bon, tegna a meint 'l nos dlr!
tegnl'a a meint, Angil d'or, ... e qust vl di'...
aslrga i' l bell grand e con p amr
lam in sla nossa c in dv sm nass;

e quand s'agh leva 'l fm d'al nos camein,
cme un sospir c'v and a 'l ciel p drit c'as pssa...
digh a la mamma ca la peinsa bein,

digh c'an pinsm che da torn a c nossa,
stt a il to l, con i' atar Piaseintein,
e stg chiet, cme i sinein stt a la ciossa.

* Valente Faustini *

(Scritta per la "Famiglia Piasinteina" a Milano il 25 Ottobre 1904)
The angel atop the cathedral of Piacenza - l'angelo del duomo di Piacenza


Angel o' Duomo, our beautiful golden Angel,
our sighs you understood, when we departed
with broken hearts! when suddenly misty vapours
and sodden fog stole your view from us:

O fair Angel, do bear in mind our sorrows!
hold them in your heart, o golden Angel, ... and why it was so ...
unfold your wings full of love spread them wide
there over our homes where we were born;

and when wisps of smoke rise from our chimneys,
like sighs soaring straight up to the sky...
whisper to our mothers to worry not,

tell them that we long to be back home,
under your wings, with all the Piaseintein,
and rest quietly, like baby chicks under mother hen.

(English translation by giorgio zanetti.
At the top, is the original poem, in the dialect of Piacenza, written in 1904 for all those that emigrated from Piacenza)

The "Golden Angel" is a 2.5 m. high guilded copper weather-vane that has been standing guard from the top (67 m. from the ground) of the cathedral's (Duomo) bell tower of Piacenza since 1341.

Memorial stone [in Italian]

The above picture was scanned from "Piacenza e la sua Provincia" A.P.T. 1993.
Valente Faustini
Valente Faustini was born in Piacenza March 4, 1858 in via Garibaldi no. 77 (back then it was called via del Guasto) and died April 24, 1922. After receiving a degree in literature in Milan in 1881 taught in the local high school (Ginnasio).

The beloved poet was able to describe daily scenes of rural life in his poems, written in vernacular, in a satirical and humoristic style.

His monument in Piacenza

The picture on the left was scanned from the "Strenna Piacentina - 1923" (Original from the local newspaper "Libert").
The one on the right was scanned from the volume "Valente Faustini - POESIE" a cura di Enrico Sperzagni; U.T.E.P., Piacenza - 1965
Valente Faustini