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JULY 9 - 14

We stayed at: Parson's Harbour [efficiency unit] (5 nights) Ph: 1-877-458-2544


Upon settling in in Rocky Harbour, we made reservations, at the front desk of the Ocean View Motel, for the 13:00 [next day] boat tour of the Western Brook Pond. We picked up the tickets next morning [you can pick up the tickets at the marina but they request cash payment only].

From Rocky Harbour it takes half hour to drive to the trail head north of town; then you must walk along a boardwalk and a well kept and easy trail for 45 minutes in order to get to the marina where you catch the boat.

The temperature was 15o C and cloudy. The fjord-like lake (once upon a time a real fjord) is spectacular with many water falls cascading off the several billion years old cliffs.

The boat ride take approximately 2 hours; slow speed to the end of the lake (with various stops to admire different scenery) and at a much faster speed on the way back.



We Hiked the Following Trails

July 9-14
  • TIME: 45 minutes (without taking any pictures...) one way.
  • DISTANCE: 3 Km. one way.
  • ELEVATION: basically no elevation gain.
At first the boardwalk trail crosses a vast wetland, then continues on terra firma.
Along the trail there was an abundance of wild flowers such as Blue Flag Irises, Pitcher Plants, and many many more (of course it depends on the season); if you intend to take pictures add extra time to walk to the marina; by the time you walk back, after the boat ride, the light has changed so one must take more pictures...
  • TIME: 3 hrs 30 minutes return.
  • DISTANCE: 5 Km one way.
  • ELEVATION: this trail is relatively flat (for the best view of the 3 levels of falls you must descend by stairs at the end).
Today, July 11, the clouds are low. The hiked on top of Gros Morne must be postponed.

We choose instead the Bakers Brook Falls hike. Started at 10:00. Here again we walk along a boardwalk while crossing bogs with lots of wild flowers and moose tracks along the trail. Beautiful falls.

After lunch at the Lobster Cove Head lighthouse we decided to hike the Green Point Trail about 8 km further north.
  • TIME: approximately 2 hrs return.
  • DISTANCE: 5 Km return.
  • ELEVATION: n/a - this is a walk along the shore.
This trail head is located next to #18 slot of the Green Point Campground.
The trail runs all the way along the coast and it was used by the mail carriers from the 1870s to 1952.
  • TIME: 5 hrs 30 minutes return.
  • DISTANCE: 14.5 Km return.
  • ELEVATION: 91 m.
The drive from Rocky Harbour to Trout River takes approximately 1 hr. (84 Km.).

The view of the Tablelands, a geological wonder displaying the earth mantle trusted upward some 450 millions years ago, as you get closer and closer, are spectacular.

At the start of the trail there are a few short ups and downs in order to cross gullies of streams running down to the lake.

Some streams along the trail could run heavy with runoff water after rain, but can be crossed at most times (notes from "Trail Guide Map").

After the first 3 kilometers you leave the forest and enter the rocky barrens of the Tablelands.

Today, July 12, the temperature reached 30 0C.; not much shade past the first 3 Km.

Beautiful and contrasting vistas. Lots of wild flowers including the Northeastern rose.
At some point along the trail, you can easily access the shore of the lake before ascending higher again.

Today July 13, the clouds are very low and it is drizzling; went to visit the Bonne Bay Marine Station [Memorial University] in Norris Point. Very interesting guided visit. Not to be missed.
Rocky isle lake

JULY 14-16

We stayed at: Crow's Nest B&B (2 nights - no longer in business)
St. Anthony B&B


Today, July 14, off to St. Anthony, a 380 kilometres drive. When we left Rocky Harbour the weather was sunny and pleasantly warm; when we stopped in Port aux Choix National Historical Site , we encountered strong wind and cold, with thick fog rolling in from the sea. The centre offers very interesting attractions, a couple of trails and artifacts of the Dorset Palaeoeskimo people.

In St. Anthony, scenically situated, we visited the the very interesting Wilfred Grenfell Museum

Goose Cove and Great Brehat (good vintage point to see icebergs from the top of a hill where there is a wooden platform) are two of the hamlets in the area worth visiting for their charming setting.

On July 15 we drove to L'Anse aux Meadows Historic Site . We were lucky to join a walking tour guided by Clayton Colbourne, a native of L'Anse aux Meadows, and a great raconteur. Clayton made the tour highly interesting with the addition of personal anecdotes of when he was just a young lad during the the times of the archeological digs.

On the way back to St. Anthony we drove to Burnt Cape to visit the Ecological Reserve . A guided tour is recommended in order to fully appreciate the importance and the stark beauty of the reserve; stop by the Visitor Centre just before the hamlet of Raleigh. A couple of days earlier the area was closed off due to a roaming polar bear, ... uuuh, yes a polar bear.

JULY 16-17 

We stayed at: Sugar Hill Inn (1 night)


Stayed here just for the night after driving from St. Anthony.
On the 17th, on the way back to Rocky Harbour, we hiked Gros Morne.

We Hiked the Following Trail

July 17
  • TIME: 7.5 hrs loop.
  • DISTANCE: 16 Km loop.
  • ELEVATION: 654 m.
Today was a good day to hike up Gros Morne; today's forecast was sunny with a few clouds, with the temperature to reach 29 OC.

This is a trail not for the faint of heart. Started at the trail head at 9 o'clock, reached the base at 10:20; here the famous gully starts (here you will climb over shifting talus all the way to the top), no trail, just follow your instinct; reached the top at 12:20 (the distance from the trail head to the top is 6 Km.), so there are another 10 Km. in order to go back to the car.

We found the descent somewhat harder for having to walk up/down large boulders for almost the full length of the return trip. Got back at the car at 4:30

Once at the top the vista is just grand, overlooking the Bonne Bay and the Ten Mile Pond. The hike is not recommended if the summit is obscured by fog; dogs are not allowed on this hike, but during our ascent we did see a couple with a dog in tow; poor dog!

Also, the trail should be hiked in a clock wise direction, as recommended by the park's warden, due to the steep descent over the shifting talus/scree in the gully.

On our way down, just below the summit, we encountered a ptarmigan hen with 6 chicks, and further down 5 moose, one of which was a bull with a good set of antlers.
Rocky isle lake

JULY 17-19 
We stayed at: Candle Light Inn B&B (1 night)


JULY 19-20
We stayed at: Lucas House B&B (1 night)   Close to the airport


Rocky Harbour

After yesterday's hike it was decided to take it easy for the day; drove to Curzon hamlet, just past Woody Point, which has a great view of Gros Morne across Bonne Bay; visit the Discovery Centre.

After dinner at Java Jack restaurant, we drove to Cow Head (approx. 40 Km. north) to catch a play (Double axe murder) at the intimate local theatre; great acting, and as a bonus you get to park free in front of the establishment (we had called earlier in the day to reserve the tickets; they normally sell out rather quickly).

Deer Lake

Left Rocky harbour for Deer Lake; drizzly day; we drove towards Corner Brooks and followed the 450 all the way to "Little Harbour"; charming little spot; nice vistas along Hwy 450 once you pass the industrial section. Back in Deer Lake; not much to do/see.
Left Deer Lake on the 20th; rainy and foggy.


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