Banff National Park, Alberta (Canada)
Cory pass - Mt. Edith circuit trail
24 photographs by gz [August, 2013]
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Trail description
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Fireside creek
Looking downstream from the bridge at the Fireside Picnic parking lot
This trail is 13 km. long; 5.5 km. to Cory pass; elevation gain: 920 m. to the pass

Very strenous but spectacular trail

Bow valley
Bow Valley towards Vermillion lake and the town of Banff
Under a blanket of early morning clouds

Bow valley
Bow Valley looking south

Cory pass
First view of Cory pass [in the red circle] from the lookout knoll
This viewpoint is 1.7 km from the trailhead

Cory pass
Close-up view of Cory pass
The V shape gap in the centre of the red circle

Mt. Cory
Mount Cory - 2,801 m.

Mt. Edith
Mount Edith - 2,553 m.

Massive Range panorama
Panoramic view of the Massive Range across the foggy Bow valley

Mt. Cory and Mt. Edith
Mount Cory on the left and Mount Edith on the right

The lower section of the escarpment
where the trail drops abruptly for about 13 meters

rocky knoll escarpment
Looking back at the vertical edge of the rocky knoll, after the down-climb
- the trail would be on the left

cory pass
Cory pass is still a fair distance away

Massive Range
Looking south/west across the Bow valley

The trail
Looking at Mt Cory with the trail on the right

The pass
Looking at Cory pass [2,350 m.]

Mount Louis

Mount Louis [2,666 m.] as it appears soon after crossing Cory pass
Mt. Brewster in the background [2,859 m.]

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Mount Louis
Mount Louis

Gargoyle valley
Looking down the narrow Gargoyle valley
Watch out for the trail, on the right, which stays high above the valley floor

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Gargoyle valley
Looking back towards the pass with the trail tracing on the left of center

Gargoyle valley
Once you pass a jumble of huge boulders and rocks, you will find many cairns;
do not follow those going left downward towards the bottom of the valley;
you'll have to climb back up again to connect with the trail
which is high up along the edge of the pine forest
Because of the many false leads, and if it is foggy,
this section of the trail becomes very tricky to follow.

Gargoyle valley
The cairns that indicate the higher trail direction
towards the connecting pathway at the edge of the forest

Gargoyle valley
Panoramic view towards the Forty Mile Valley
From here look carefully for a yellow trail sign on a tree (not visible in the picture)

High on the right, the trail is faintly visible

Mount Louis
Looking back at Mount Louis from the edge of the pine forest

Gargoyle valley
Mount Norquay [2,515 m.] from an opening in the forested trail, on the way down to the trailhead

elevation profile cory pass
An approximation of the trail's elevation profile

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