2014 Portfolio <> album no. 1
by giorgio zanetti


banff hotel

Banff Spring Hotel - Banff, Alberta

banff bow river

Bow river after the falls - Banff, Alberta

athabasca glacier

Athabasca Glacier
On the left, Mt. Andromeda; elev. 3,450 m.

dome glacier

Dome Glacier
Just north of Athabasca Glacier

athabasca dome glacier

Dome Glacier

mt. athabasca

Mt. Athabasca; elev. 3,491 m.

Nigel Peak

Nigel Peak; elev. 3,211 m.

Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls
In the background Mt. Kerkeslin; elev. 2,984 m.

Athabasca below the falls

Athabasca river below the falls

Jasper Lake

Jasper Lake on the Athabasca river
Centre, Roche De Smet range; elev. 2,539 m.

Athabasca Lake

Jasper Lake; towards the north/east

Town of Jasper from Whistler's

Town of Jasper from Whistlers Mountain

Mt. Robson

On the left Mt. Robson; elev. 3,954 m.
Looking north/east from Whistlers

Mt. Robson

Right of center, Mt. Robson; elev. 3,954 m.
Looking north/west from Whistlers

Mt. Edith Cavell

Mt. Edith Cavell; elev. 3,363 m. from Whistlers

Photographs and page by giorgio zanetti - Ottawa - May - 2015